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Blister healing plaster

CategoryPersonal care
colourWhite yellow
use forPrevention: protect friction-prone parts from friction.
Relief: instantly relieve the pain of the formed blisters and protect the blisters from continued friction
Fast healing: Provide a safe and effective closed wet wound environment to accelerate wound healing

Imagine today is a hot summer day and you decide to walk 16 kilometers (10 miles) along the coast. You are going home… your feet suddenly numb. Take off your shoes and socks and you will find that your skin has worn away and blisters have formed. what can you do? Work hard, and every step will make the situation worse. But you are only a few miles away, and there is no other way home. With the development of amazing blister plaster made of hydrocolloid, this old Walker dilemma is no longer a problem. Not only can they protect wounds and keep them clean, they can also buffer and heal wounds faster by absorbing and wicking away sweat.

what does a blister plaster do?

The hydrocolloid technology is used for Blister healing plaster work. Since the foaming liquid is absorbed and the optimal wet wound healing environment is created, the wound can heal faster. At the same time, the blister paste can safely seal and protect the area from dust and bacteria.

How long should you keep a blister plaster on?

Blister pad plasters work under the stucco to absorb liquid, form a layer and eliminate excess pressure and relieve pain. Blister plaster is specially manufactured to cover a larger area of the foot and can stay in place for up to 48 hours.


Hydrocolloid Blister Plaster15x50mmCM055801

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