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Blood blister plaster

Whether you walk, hike, run or dance, your feet can suffer a lot of abuse. However, when you are particularly active, you can easily get injured or otherwise hurt your feet, especially if the socks and shoes do not fit properly. With sufficient friction, blisters may form on the toes or soles.

About Blood blisterĀ 

The blister actually refers to a blister whose blood vessels under the blister have been damaged. As a result, blood leaks into the blisters. Most of the time, blisters form in bone areas, but they can also develop in softer areas

Liquid accumulates under the damaged skin, making the underlying tissues soft. This protects the tissue from further damage and heals it.

Most blisters are filled with clear liquid (serum), but if they become inflamed or infected, they may be filled with blood (blood bubbles) or pus.

Treatment of blisters

Most blisters will heal spontaneously after three to seven days and do not require medical attention.

It is important to avoid bursting blisters, as this may cause infection or slow down the healing process.

If the blisters do break, please do not peel off the dead skin. Instead, let the liquid in the blisters drain and cover the area with a dry sterile dressing to protect it from infection until it heals.

Prevent blisters
You can take various measures to avoid blisters caused by friction, sunburn or chemicals. For example, you can:

  • Wear comfortable, fit shoes
  • Use thick socks or talc to help keep your feet dry
  • Wear gloves when handling chemicals
  • Use sunscreen
  • you can also use Blood blister plaster


Blood blister plaster17x48mmCM055805

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