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Hydrocolloid Blister Dressing

  • Size:30mm x 30mm, 50mm x 50mm,15mm x 50mm, 20mm x 60mm…
  • Type: bordered or without border,Island and  Thin(All sizes and shapes can be produced based on custumer’s demands)
  • Non-Sterile or SterilIized EO
  • Shelf time: 3 years
Categories: Advanced Wound Dressing
Tags: Blister Plaster, Hydrocolloid Dressing, Hydrocolloid Plaster
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The best treatment environment-the hydrocolloid blister dressings is designed to provide the best conditions for the wound to promote the rapid and correct healing of the blister
Waterproof design-designed to form a tight seal around the blisters, while maintaining moisture and moisture during the healing process, and preventing water from entering the wound; preventing knots, which may prolong the healing process
Long lasting-compared with other bandage brands, the sticking time on the skin can be extended by up to 7 times; specially designed for blisters, compared with simple cuts or abrasions designed by other bandages, spa treatments may require longer treatment time
Ideal for all body parts-all sizes are suitable for most body parts of adults and children, no matter where blisters are formed, they are perfect for treating blisters

Hydrocolloid Blister Plaster is made of CMC hydrophilic particles that are sensitive to pressure. It is an active gel with hygroscopic particles. It is like the second layer of human skin, which can maintain natural moisture balance to maintain a healthy environment


Immediately relieve pain caused by blisters
Protect the wound and cushion to prevent friction
Provide opportunities for rapid wound healing


Use hydrocolloid blister dressings to avoid these 3 mistakes

1) Hydrocolloid blister dressings cannot prevent blisters

It is expected that the hydrocolloid dressing alone will prevent the development of blisters and/or prevent the deterioration of blisters. In fact, this expectation is wrong. Do not use hydrocolloids to prevent blisters-they are blister treatments.

2) Only use hydrocolloid to treat roof blisters

Hydrocolloid dressings have an adhesive that makes them stick together. Therefore, do not place it on a complete roof or a broken roof blisters. Hydrocolloids need a drenched wound base to perform their magical effect-they absorb exudate, which has two benefits:

First, it can prevent the dressing from sticking to that part of the skin
Secondly, it will partially dissolve to provide a gel that promotes healing
A few years ago when my hand slipped and the grinder removed a nasty chisel from the knuckles, I was doing some big orthopedic corrections on the grinder. I took some duodenum from the clinic and used it as instructed until it was cured. In a week or so, the deep chisel had filled up and there was a pink area of ​​healing skin.

Not only that, but the skin remains flexible enough that it will not restrict the flexion and extension of the fingers during and after healing-this will not happen if I let the wound dry and become scruffy. It’s amazing. I still have scars, but considering the extent of the initial injury, it is still incomprehensible. If you don’t believe me, next time you have a wound, use a hydrocolloid dressing and try it.

3) Don’t expect the hydrocolloid dressing to keep on its own

Although the hydrocolloids have an adhesive that makes them stick to the skin, I don’t want it to work on the feet-the effect is not good enough. On your arm, good. Use my fingers, it’s fine. But relying on your feet is not very good. Think about the environment inside the shoe – it’s full of sweat. In other words, this has always been a constant threat to good adhesion. Because only one edge of the dressing needs to be rolled back slightly and exposed to the sock (annoyingly, it will stick to the sock like glue-see the photo above).

I recommend using a steri strip or similar fixing tape around the hydrocolloid dressing. Keep most of the dressing area visible-we need to visualize the degree of crying to determine when to change the dressing. This is good wound care practice. In addition, the spray of hydrocolloid can evaporate wound gas through the dressing (waterproof from the outside).

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