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Hydrocolloid blister plasters

The active surface of waterproof blister plaster is treated with a gel-forming substance composed of pectin, carboxymethyl cellulose, polymer and other binders. They are opaque, soft, and wafer sticks that can adhere to the skin. When in contact with wound exudate, the polymer absorbs the fluid and swells, forming a gel, which is confined within the structure of the material.

Our advantage

1.From toes, heels to palms, a full range of blister pads can fit different areas of your body. Chinmed provides immediate pain relief, long-lasting protection and faster recovery. They come in various shapes and sizes and are placed in a special carrying case, which can be placed in a wallet, briefcase, sports bag or backpack at any time.

2.hydrocolloid dressing for blisters is more than bandage. They are active gel pads that relieve pain immediately. When the active gel absorbs excess liquid from the wound, the dressing will swell to form a shock-absorbing layer, thereby protecting the blisters from further friction and pressure.

3.The hydrocolloid blister plasters are designed with a conforming film and tapering shape, so the appearance and fit are just like the second skin. They are durable and flexible, so they can be kept for a few days even during showers and sports.

4.Band aid blister gel guard hydrocolloid – a moist wound healing dressing. It is an active gel containing particles scattered throughout the mat, helping to maintain the natural moisture content of the wounds needed for skin repair and healing.

How long do you need to keep hydrocolloid blister plaster?

Hydrocolloid can be placed for a few days or even a week. It all depends on how wet the wound is. To properly resolve this problem, some practice may be required. If your roof blisters are very wet, then you don’t want to last for a week because you will risk the surrounding skin being soaked (water stains, white, rubbery). However, if the crying is only mild, it makes no sense to delete it. The wet gel-like substance under the dressing will flow to the edge of the dressing over time. This may take 12 hours or a week, but when it reaches the edge of the dressing, please replace it.

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