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Hydrocolloid foam dressing

CHINMED  is pleased to provide you with a hydrocolloid foam dressing, which is suitable for chronic or acute wounds in shallow to moderate exudates, and can also cushion the damage caused by external friction.

The role of the dressing

  • facilitate moist wound healing and autolytic debridement
  • absorbs light to moderate wound exudate
  • protect the wound bed from external contamination
  • conforms to body contours and provides maximum patient comfort
  • easy to apply and remove


Our hydrocolloid foam dressing is a soft, conformable, low-adhesion, hydrophilic polyurethane foam dressing with a breathable membrane backing, suitable for low to moderate exudate wounds. Sterile pads are ultra-soft wound dressings that are highly absorbent and protect and cushion wounds. Helps maintain a moist healing environment on the wound surface.


High quality: Hydrocolloid foam dressing is made of soft and comfortable material, which can provide users with comfort and can be applied to wounds of any shape. The wound contact layer allows the dressing to be placed on the patient while the auxiliary dressing is used for retention. The anatomical shape fits the heel, allowing the dressing to be in close contact with the wound to provide an environment conducive to healing.
Convenient wound care: Sterile sachets help to improve cleanliness and further prevent infection. Each dressing easily fits the skin and minimizes patient discomfort. Latex-free dressings can maximize comfort when changing or removing dressings. Each pad is sterile, and unless opened or damaged, they are still sterile. Combine safety with painless dressing changes.
Low cost and economic: these sterile dressings provide excellent low cost protection for wounds. Packed separately to improve sterility. High-quality foam eliminates the need for frequent adjustments. No need for secondary dressing or fixation.
Application: Designed to cover, protect and promote healing. The foam wound dressing Lite is ideal for medical professionals and personal care. Due to its fluid retention, low profile and low friction film backing, it is ideal for use under compression bandages. Due to its fluid retention, low profile and low friction film backing, it is ideal for use under compression bandages.

Product specification

typeOrder No.Overall Size
Hydrocolloid foam dressingCM0551015x5cm

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