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Hydrocolloid plasters for burns

Ideal for managing mild to moderately draining chronic and acute wounds

  • Hydrocolloid plasters for burns is made of inner hydrocolloid(CMC) composite with polyurethane film. 
  • Provide the wound a moist environment and accelerate the wound healing.
  • PU film cover the hydrocolloid can waterproof and air-permit.


Hydrocolloid Dressing with Thin Border

  • Hydrocolloid plasters for burns has excelletn exudates absorption from the wound.
  • Keep the wound in a moist environment, promote wound healingg.
  • Effectively release pains and reduce wound care frequently.
  • Waterproof, Breathable, Comfortable, Protect the wound from microbial invasion.
  • We can use it in  control skin ulcer ,leg ulcer and pressure sores;
  • We can also use it on small wounds towards the end of healing phase.

Different burns require different dressings.

Regardless of the size and depth of the burn, the overall goals of any burn wound dressing include:

prevent an infection
Promote wound healing
Prevent conversion to deeper burns
Relieve pain
Allow movement and function
Helps reduce swelling

Initial burn dressing

Burn wounds are dynamically changing and their appearance will change, especially in the first 48 hours. Re-examine the burn after 48 hours before the final dressing or surgery decision is made. The consequence of this is that the initial burn dressing should remain unchanged for 48 hours and prevent infection. The use of antibacterial dressings in such an environment has been shown to improve treatment effectiveness by reducing infections. 5, 6 nanocrystalline silver dressings (such as Acticoat) slowly release silver, which is toxic to microorganisms, to the burn wound. Use this dressing to dress all burns within the first 48 hours. Practical tips for using nanocrystalline dressings include:

Wet the silver dressing with sterile water (not saline-chloride ions can combine with silver ions to reduce the amount of silver delivered to the wound)
Apply a second layer of dressing on top
Wet gauze, then dry gauze and bandage or adhesive dressing
The outer dressing can be re-moistened to allow the dressing to release silver ions for several days.

Burn off the dressing after 48 hours

After 48 hours, remove the silver dressing and evaluate the burn. Silver dressings are usually not used after 48 hours. Although silver dressings are toxic to bacteria, some in vitro evidence suggests that they inhibit keratinocytes and fibroblasts, which may extend the healing time. If infected or severely colonized late in the burn (such as a green appearance suggesting Pseudomonas). In this case, nanocrystalline silver will be applied for another 48 hours.

  • We can choose Hydrocolloid plasters for burns (cross-linked adhesive dressing of gelatin, pectin and carboxymethyl cellulose)
  • Suitable for low/moderate exudative burns-contact and keep exudate inside the dressing as a gel
  • Suitable for all burning depths Water repellent and comfortable
  • Use thin hydrocolloids for pediatric dressings, and thick hydrocolloids for adults
  • NB offensive exudate can be mistaken for infection

How to use?


Maintain an optimal moist wound environment: It has been shown to improve partial and full-thickness skin ulcers, superficial wounds and abrasions, and superficial and partial thick skin burns and healing of donor sites. The breathable outer film layer has an extremely high absorption capacity within 48 hours and can consistently provide a high moisture vapor transmission rate. The waterproof membrane frame is firmly attached, and the outer membrane barrier protects the wound and surrounding skin from contaminants, body fluids, bacteria, and viruses. .
Instant pain relief: relieve pain caused by burns, friction, pressure and friction caused by sweaty socks or long distance running. Our active gel pad is perfect for blisters on the hands, toes and heels.
Long-lasting protection: High-quality blister pads can help prevent and protect hot spots and blisters. Unlike ordinary bandages, our cushions can stay in place for a few days even after showering and exercising.
Faster healing: The soft blister pad acts like a second layer of skin, creating a moist healing environment while protecting the blister from dirt, water, bacteria and bacteria, helping the blister to heal naturally.

Product specification

ProductOrder NoOverall Size
hydrocolloid plasters for burnsCM0550015x5cm

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