Project Description

Large hydrocolloid patches

Large hydrocolloid dressing wound healing and management

  1. Large hydrocolloid patches is a functional dressing.
  2. It is a kind of elastic dressing made of medical hot-melt adhesive with CMC (carboxymethylcellulose) hydrophilic granules.
  3. There is a semi-permeable film or foam that promotes the rehydration and debridement of wounds. 

Product Description

Large hydrocolloid dressing is a kind of wound dressing that made of  pressure sensitive with CMC hydrophiloc granules  It is adaptable to leg ulcer, I-II degree bedsores, superficial and small burn wound, post operation wound, skin donor sites, for granulation and epithelialisation process of chronic wound.


  • Large hydrocolloid patches clearly show that it can absorb pus and fluid. The hydrocolloid acne patch protects the spots, allowing faster recovery overnight, and each hydrocolloid can be used as a protective covering to prevent being picked up or touched。
  • Unlike other acne treatments, it is drug-free and contains no harsh chemicals or dry formulas. Cruelty-free, jumping rabbit certified, vegan.
  • The larger size is great for acne, acne, and larger breakout areas. It can be customized according to your specific problem area.
  • The highest quality hydrocolloid patch improves absorption rate and adhesion by 50%.
  • In addition, this is an excellent pus-absorbing hydrocolloid technology used by brands you can trust.

Why needs a large?

Large hydrocolloid patches

Incredible absorption
Use the highest grade hydrocolloid to extract pus and impurities.

Large hydrocolloid patches

Invisible thin
Slim, almost invisible. There is almost no covering, and the surface is matte.

Large hydrocolloid patches

Tapered edge
The tapered edge helps the patch fit seamlessly into the skin.

Large hydrocolloid patches

Larger size
The larger size is ideal for situations where there are multiple branches or need to cover a larger surface area.

Product specification

ProductsOrder No.Size
hydrocolloid Border*CM05500315x15cm
hydrocolloid Standard*/HPCM05510315x15cm
hydrocolloid Thin*CM05520315x15cm

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