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Large steri strips

  1. With the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life, higher requirements are placed on the suture technology in the surgical field.
  2. Postoperative wound repair and scar issues make patients one of the most pressing concerns.
  3. Medical large steri strips tape is made of high tensile breathable non-woven fabric containing reinforcing fiber filaments, coated with special medical acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  4. Using seam-free tape can eliminate your troubles.

How to use steri strips

Large steri strips

Suturing subcutaneous

Suturing instracutaneous


Large steri strips

After sutuing, smooth the wound with closures

Large steri strips


1.Make sure the wound area is clean and dry.

2.SAticking corss on the wound from middle.

3.Apply it from the two ends of wound to the middle,to prevent the wound from splitting.

4. At last,treat the rest parts of wound by strips.


1.Secondary care for surgery and cosmetic.      2.Sufgical wound care after taking out stitches,reducting scar.

3.The tittle care in daily life,such as the cuut wound.

According to the reports:

Q:What is the effect of seam-free tape?
A:According to medical literature reports, wound repair after surgery, if used with suture-free tape, can reduce the chance of postoperative infection and scar formation, and the aesthetic effect of the upper mouth.
Q:Why use it for 3-6 months?
A:According to experiments, 3-6 months after surgery is the critical period for scar formation, and continuous pressure can reduce the chance of scar hyperplasia.
Q:Why stick it perpendicular to the wound?
A:It can provide appropriate tensile strength, prevent wounds from cracking, prevent abnormal growth of granulation tissue due to excessive secretion of collagen, and inhibit scar formation.
Q:Can I cut large steri strips tape?
A:It is not suitable to cut the tape, and the seam-free tapes are all sterile packaging. They should not be cut with scissors to avoid wound infection due to uncleanness (if the wound site needs to be cut, please clean the scissors first).
Q:When to replace the seam-free tape?
A:Change once every 5-7 days, do not need to change every day, so as not to harm the new tissue.

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