Project Description

Non woven gauze sponges

Dressing Typenon woven gauze sponges
ComponentsSpunlaced non woven,acrylic adhesive,cotton pad,release paper
DepartmentCardiovascular,Dialysis Center,Emergency,Intensive Care Unit,Labor & Delivery,Medical-Surgical,Oncology,Operating Room-Surgery,Orthopendics,Pediatrics,Radiology,Urgent Care,Wound Care
Latexdon’t have
Wound care condition typeAbrasions,Closed Intact Surgical Wound,Lacerations,Neuropathic Ulcers,Open Surgical Wounds,Skin Tears,Superficial Partial Thickness Burns


  • Non woven gauze sponges can helps reduce the amount of lint produced, and because it hardly sticks, it does less damage to fragile granulation wound tissue
  • It also has a significantly faster wicking capacity, which promotes a healthier healing environment
  • Discover the perfect balance between strength and absorbency in this rayon/polyester blended gauze
  • Non-sterile


  • These Non woven gauze swabs are a mixture of non-sterile rayon/polyester blends. They are absorbent, soft, smooth and strong.
  • The white cotton fiber filler is highly absorbent. Consistent, excellent quality. Latex-free multifunctional sponge can save time. Non-sterile.
  • Provides patients with a higher degree of comfort, and does not add any chemicals to avoid allergic reactions.
  • Non woven gauze swabs Provides maximum absorption capacity, little adhesion to the wound, helps the healing process.


ProductsOrder NoSizePackage
non woven gauze padsCM0110036x7cm50 pcs/box,20 boxes/cth
CM01100410x10cm25 pcs/box,20 boxes/cth
CM01100510x15cm25 pcs/box,20 boxes/cth
CM01100610x20cm25 pcs/box,20 boxes/cth
CM01100710x25cm25 pcs/box,10 boxes/cth
CM01100810x30cm25 pcs/box,10 boxes/cth
CM01100910x35cm25 pcs/box,10 boxes/cth

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