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Silicone bordered foam dressing

Features  of  silicone border dressing

  • Silicone foam dressing with border has multilayer structure enhances absorbent capacity and locks the wound exude to prevent wound bed maceration.
  • Bordered silicone foam dressing is soft and hypoallergenic, silicone adhesive acts as a wound contact layer that dose not stick to the wound bed but to intact skin thus prevents secondary damage and minimizes pain during dressing removal and change.


  • Silicone bordered foam dressing is a multilayer, superabsorbent dressing with a soft silicone adhesive as a wound contact layer. The multilayer structure absorbs a large amount of wound exudate and locks the wound exudate in the absorbent core to prevent the wound bed from maceration.
  • The absorbent core improves absorbency and provides a moist wound healing environment. Classification and hypoallergenic silicone adhesives do not stick to the wound bed, but stick to intact skin to prevent secondary damage to the wound bed during dressing removal and replacement.
  • Removal of non-invasive dressings improves patient compliance and comfort. The outermost layer made of a breathable polyurethane film allows oxygen and water vapor to penetrate and acts as a liquid barrier to prevent external contamination. Specially designed shape fits heel and bone wounds.


  • Silicone border dressing has multi-layer structure enhances water absorption, locks wound drainage and prevents wound acne
  • Soft and seductive silicone adhesive can be used as a wound contact layer, the agent will not stick to the wound bed, and will not entangle the skin, thus preventing secondary injuries, reducing pain during cleaning and replacement
  • Semi-permeable PU membrane acts as a liquid barrier while allowing the passage of oxygen and water vapor
  • Fits the contours of the body for maximum pationt comfort
  • Silicone bordered foam dressing is easy to paste and remove

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