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Sterile non woven gauze

Accessories typeSterile non woven gauze
product compositionSpunlace cloth, acrylic glue, absorbent pad, release paper
DepartmentCardiovascular, intensive care, operating room, oncology, radiology, wound care
With no latexNO
Types of wound careAbrasions, closed wounds after surgery, tears, neurological ulcers, open surgical wounds, superficial second degree burns, etc.


  • Sterile non woven gauze pad is chinmed’s standard nonwoven dressing.
  • Compared with traditional cotton gauze, Avant gauze helps reduce the amount of lint produced, and because it hardly sticks, it does less damage to the fragile granulation wound tissue.
  • It also has a significantly faster wicking capacity, which promotes a healthier healing environment.
  • Discover the perfect balance between strength and absorbency in this rayon/polyester blended gauze.
  • Infertility

What is the difference between woven gauze and non-woven gauze?

Woven gauze is usually made of cotton fiber, and the weave is loose. This allows exudate and other liquids to be absorbed or wicked into or through the gauze. The woven gauze can have spun yarn or roving, which have different thread counts. Roving is usually used for debridement. When treating wounds, fine gauze is usually used as a filler. However, woven gauze is usually not the most absorbent and may leave fluff on the wound, especially in the case of a cut (this is not a good idea).
Non-woven gauze is made of fibers that are pressed together to resemble a weave. This leads to increased absorption and better wicking. Non-woven gauze is usually made of artificial fibers such as rayon, polyester or blends. This gauze is stronger, more fluffy and softer than woven gauze, and produces less fluff. However, the price of non-woven gauze tends to be higher.

ProductsOrder NoSizePackage
sterile non woven gauzeCM0110017x9cm(Oval Eye Pad)50 pcs/box,20 boxes/cth
CM0110026x8cm50 pcs/box,20 boxes/cth

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