Project Description

Transparent adhesive dressing

  • Keeps out water, dirt and germs
  • Lets the skin breathe
  • Latex free
  • Long duration
  • protect wounds, abrasions, surgical incisions and minor burns
  • Thin and breathable

This Transparent adhesive dressing is simple in package and easy to carry. It is an essential dressing for your home and travel.

Product Features:

Smart 3-Step Design

Transparent adhesive dressing are transparent and offer an easy-to-apply, 3-step application. Simply, peel off first layer, then apply on desired area, and finally, peel off second protective layer. Its that easy!

Semi-Permeable Build

Allowing for greater breathability our wound dressings let air and oxygen through while keeping adequate moisture levels, to promote faster healing.

Conveniently Packed

You can customize the packaging yourself or choose our packaging, which is very convenient.

Rubber Latex-Free Construction

Our  transparent adhesive dressing are also ideal for people allergy-prone skin since they do not contain any latex.

Value Packed Deal

With each pack you get many Film Wound Dressings, making for a great deal for home use, tattoo parlors and professional medical care centers alike.

About us

CHINMED  is  a  professional  manufacture  who specializes  in  producting  medical  wound  dressing, with  advanced  facilities  on  machines,  1000000  classes   “clean  room”  and  technologies. providing  professional  solutions  on  wound  management  and  venous  transfusion.

We Recommended

100%  satisfaction  guaranteed  Use  Transparent adhesive dressing :  To  protect  minor  wounds ,  cuts ,  scrapes ,  burns ,  blisters  and  post-surgical  incisions.   As a    protective  cover  on  reddened  or  fragile  skin.  To  dress  and  secure  IV  catheters  or  othe r tubing.  Can  be  worn  in  shower  or  bath.  Directions:   Clean  and  thoroughly  dry  application  area. So  come  and  send  us  an  inquiry,  we  will  reply  you  within  24  hours.

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