Project Description

Transparent dressing tape

Transparent dressing tape is made of medical polyurethane film,coated with acrylic adhesive,prociding maximum versatility and is the affordable choice for skin protection and water proof cover dressing.

Product Usage:

  1. This tape is for dressing, catheter fixation.
  2. This tape can protects skin from external friction and cross-infection of wounds.

Product advantages

  • Waterproof Adhesive Tape: Transparent dressing tape is waterproof.
  • Comfortable Tattoo Bandage Roll: The soft, stretchable non-woven polyester material adapts well to body contours. 
  • Easy to Use: The transparent adhesive tape is very easy to apply and it sticks to the skin very well.
  • Easy to Cut: The transparent dressing tape can be cut to any size needed.
  • Breathable Barrier: The tattoo aftercare tape is very thin, flexible but also adheres easily to itself.


  • Prevent external pollutants (including liquids, bacteria and viruses) from invading the skin, creating a sterile and waterproof environment
  • The transparent dressing can make the IV insertion site continuously visible.
  • The adhesive is gentle on the skin.
  • The dressing will bend with the skin to make the patient feel comfortable.
  • Frame transfer makes accurate placement easy.
  • Transparent film dressing protects catheter sites and wounds
  • Transparent dressing tape can be used to protect the IV catheter site and wound, fix the device on the skin, and maintain a moist environment to speed up wound healing. In addition to being breathable, they can also be waterproof, and can act as a barrier to prevent external contaminants such as various bacteria, viruses*, blood and body fluids.

Instruction for use:

The first step is to cut the appropriate piece out of the dressing with scissors. Don’t cut it too much, otherwise you will waste.

In the second step, gently affix one side of the tape to the arm. Then gently press to squeeze the air out of the transparent dressing tape.

In the third step, the tape at the other end of the dressing is turn off. Then continue to gently press to squeeze out the air.


The size of the transparent dressing tape can be arbitrarily cut, it is recommended to repair the four sides should attach more than 1 cm tattoo area
The tattoo film is divided into three layers, the first layer is scraped off, then the second layer is placed on the surface of the skin, and then the top layer is torn off.
Tattoo after cleaning the wound, paste protective paste 2-3 hours later, wipe away blood tissue fluid after dismantling, clean the wound. Then repost the second tape, which lasts about three days, but no more than a week.

Suggested application

Cover and protect the venous catheter site
Acute and chronic wounds
Skin protection
Feed pipe
Surface burns
Stage I or Stage II pressure ulcer
Moist wound healing environment promotes autolytic debridement
Eyelid protection
Application and removal after tattoo

Product specifications:

Order No.SizePackage
CM0228015cmx10m1 pcs/box,64 boxes/ctn
CM02280210cmx10m1 pcs/box,48 boxes/ctn
CM02280315cmx10m1 pcs/box,40boxes/ctn

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