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Transparent hydrocolloid dressing

Transparent hydrocolloid dressingchinmed

To comply with CE, ISO 13485:2003 and FDA

Available in different shape

Available in strip coating and full coating for the adhesive

Available in common non woven and waterproof non woven dressing layer

High absorbency of the non adhesive absorbent pad

Without causing allergic or mechanical irritation

Can be removed without pain

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  • Combines the advantages of transparent colloid dressings with excellent exudate management
  • Ideal for friction management
  • Thin design minimizes edge rolling
  • The use of highly absorbent sterile hydrocolloid in combination with alginate enables excellent exudate management
  • Use up to 7 days
  • Change color when absorbing exudate-help determine the best time to change dressings
  • As the exudate is absorbed, a moist gel is formed and the dressing begins to turn white
  • When Transparent hydrocolloid dressing becomes opaque or the exudate extends within 1⁄2 inch of the edge, the maximum absorption capacity has been reached
  • Polyurethane mask allows excess water to evaporate while maintaining a moist environment for optimal wound healing. Scope of application: Treatment of low to moderate oozing legs and pressure ulcers • Superficial burns • Postoperative wounds • Superficial thickness burns • Skin abrasions

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