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Transparent  surgical  dressing

Transparent  surgical  dressing  is  made  of  high-permeability  polyurethane  film (PU)  or  polyester  vinyl  film  (PE),  and  coated  with  olefinic  glue. transparent thin film dressing  is  characterized  by:  transparent,  breathable,  waterproof,  and firmly  adhered;  Medical  surgical  film  creates  a  good  sterile   environment,  which  greatly  reduces  the  infection  rate  of  surgery  and  has  been  widely  used  in  surgery.

Applications Overview

Transparent surgical dressing’s Applications include:

  • Transparent thin film dressing
  • OP Strips
  • Bordering Tapes
  • Fixation Tapes

CHINMED is fully qualified in this specialist field:

  • Retention or removal of the polyethylene support film.
  • Liners – including printed liners for brand recognition.
  • The inclusion of perforation to aid handling.
  • Folding and packing into a sealed pouch, sterilised and ready for use.
  • Products suitable for gamma and ETO sterilisation procedures.


Quick View
Prevent water, dirt and bacteria
Let the skin breathe
Latex free
Used to protect incisions, scratches, surgical incisions and minor burns. Our transparent surgical dressing is a thin and transparent dressing that prevents water, dirt and bacteria from entering, but allows the skin to breathe. It is designed to be applied directly to clean skin or wounds, and remains until the new skin covers the wound surface, or up to 7 days.

Choose the right size: The Transparent surgical dressing should cover at least 1/2 inch of healthy skin on all sides of the wound.

Seal contaminants
Made of non-natural rubber latex

The health expertise you rely on, the quality you can trust.
Guarantee 100% satisfaction with the use of Transparent surgical dressing: protect smaller wounds, cuts, scrapes, burns, blisters and post-operative incisions. As a protective layer for red or fragile skin. Repair and fix IV catheters or other pipes. Can be worn in the shower or bathtub.

Product specification

Order No.Overall SizePackage
CM02230120x20cm10 pcs/bpx,10 boxes/ctn
CM02230238x25cm10 pcs/bpx,10 boxes/ctn
CM02230338x41cm10 pcs/bpx,10 boxes/ctn
CM02230460x45cm10 pcs/bpx,10 boxes/ctn
CM02240115x20cm10 pcs/bpx,10 boxes/ctn
CM02240260x35cm10 pcs/bpx,10 boxes/ctn
CM02240338x41cm10 pcs/bpx,10 boxes/ctn

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