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Waterproof transparent dressing

Waterproof transparent dressing is a sterile , high quality dressing.

  • Water Proof.
  • Provides moist environment.
  • May protect the fragile skin and wounds from minor mechanical trauma.
  • Barrier to bacterial invasion.
  • It is transparent ,permeable and comfortable .
  • Hypoallergenic. No Latex used in production of this dressing.


Polyurethane film, Acrylic glue.

Our advantages:

  • Waterproof transparent dressing is perfect to keep the wound dry.
  • you can wear it to swim and bathe at ease.
  • It can fix various gypsum pipes and needles.
  • Waterproof transparent dressing is widely used in medical dressing fixation, casing fixation, gypsum fixation and bedsore prevention.
  • It can be used for waterproof nursing of infants,it also for nursing of cut wounds of parturients.
  • Make the skin breathe naturally, expel water, air and sweat, and reduce the chance of infection.
  • The film has high adhesion and ductility, which can increase patient’s patience.
  • Lighter and thinner fiber linings make the patient comfortable without causing shrinkage or congestion. 


  • Waterproof transparent dressing  is  ultra  thin  and  high  transparent, hence  clear  observation  to  surgical  operation  part.
  • No  effect  to  normal  breath  of  the  skin, protection  from  water  building-up  under  the  film, thus  reducing  infection  and  providing  a  germ-free   environment  for  surgical  cut.
  • Prevention  from  invasion  of  water, germ  or  foul  and  restrain  wandering  about  of  germ  during  operation.
  • Compliant  binding  on  skin  along  body  curve,  hence  reliable  binding.
  • No  irritation  to  wound  and  no  injury  to  skin  when  removing  the transparent  medical  dressing.

CHINMED is a FDA, CE, ISO9001 and 13485 certified company.

  • Research and development of hydrocolloid dressing.
  • Steristrips.
  • Silicone Dressing.
  • Non Woven Gauze.
  • Blister plaster.
  • Foam Dressing.
  • Transparent dressing.
  • And so on……

We Provide professional solutions on wound management and venous transfusion.

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Product specifications:

ProductOrder No.Overall SizePackage
Paper Frame Transparent Island Dressing(Wonud Care Products)CM0220016x7cm50 pcs/box,40 boxes/ctn
CM02200210x12cm50 pcs/box,24 boxes/ctn
CM02200310x15cm50 pcs/box,10 boxes/ctn
CM02200410x20cm50 pcs/box,10 boxes/ctn
Paper Frame Transparent Island Dressing(Venous Transfusion Products)CM0225016x7cm100/box,4000/ctn
CM0225026x7cm U100/box,4000/ctn
Transparent wound dressing with dot grid glue(Wound Care Products)CM0222016x7cm50 pcs/box,40 boxes/ctn
CM0222028x10cm50 pcs/box,40 boxes/ctn
CM02220310x10cm50 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn
CM02220410x15cm25 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn
CM02220510x20cm25 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn
Transparent wound dressing with dot grid glue(Venous Transfusion Products)CM0226016x7cm100 pcs/box,40 boxes/ctn
CM0226028x10cm100 pcs/box,40 boxes/ctn
CM02260310x10cm100 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn
CM02260410x15cm100 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn
CM02260510x20cm100 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn
CM02260610x25cm100 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn
CM02260710x30cm100 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn
CM02260810x35cm100 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn
S-incision transparent dressing paste(Wound Care Products)CM0221016x7cm50 pcs/box,40 boxes/ctn
CM0221028x10cm50 pcs/box,40 boxes/ctn
CM02210310x10cm50 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn
CM02210410x15cm25 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn
CM02210510x20cm25 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn
S-incision transparent dressing paste(Venous Transfusion Products)CM0227016x7cm100 pcs/box,40 boxes/ctn
CM0227028x10cm100 pcs/box,40 boxes/ctn
CM02270310x10cm100 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn
CM02270410x15cm100 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn
CM02270510x20cm100 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn
CM02270610x25cm100 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn
CM20070710x30cm100 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn
CM02270810x35cm100 pcs/box,20 boxes/ctn

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