Alginate Dressing

Alginate dressing is a dressing mixture of alginate fiber and calcium ions in natural seaweed. When the dressing encounters wound exudate, a gel can be prepared on the wound surface, which can provide a lasting moist environment for the wound and accelerate the healing of the wound.

1. Excellent absorbability: It can quickly absorb a large amount of exudate and lock in microorganisms. Alginate dressings can be used on infected wounds.

2. When the alginate dressing absorbs wound exudate, it forms a gel on the wound surface. It keeps the wound in a moist environment, and then accelerates wound healing. In addition, it does not adhere to the wound, it peels off easily without pain.

3. During the absorption of exudate, Ca + in the alginate dressing is exchanged with Na + in the blood. This activates prothrombin and accelerates the clotting process.

4. It is soft and elastic, can be in full contact with the wound, and can be used to fill cavity wounds.

5. Special sizes and styles can be designed according to customers’ requirements for different clinical needs.

1. Suitable for various wounds with heavy exudate.

2. Used for various bleeding wounds.

3. Suitable for various chronic wounds, infected wounds and wounds that are difficult to heal.

4. Alginate strips can be used to fill various cavity wounds.

Alginate dressing

1. Not suitable for dry injuries.

2. Before using the dressing, please clean the wound with salt water and make sure the wound area is clean and dry.

3. The alginate dressing should be 2cm larger than the wound area.

4. It is recommended to put the dressing on the wound for up to a week.

5. When the exudate decreases, it is recommended to switch to another dressing, such as foam dressing or hydrocolloid dressing.

6. Before using alginate strips, please check the size and depth of the wound. Fill the wound from the bottom without any wound space, otherwise it may affect the healing of the wound.

7. Special sizes and styles can be designed according to customers’ requirements for different clinical needs.

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