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What Is Blister Plaster?

Blister Plaster

Blisters are fluid filled lesions that develop in response to repeated friction on the skin.Open blisters can be very painful and take days to heal.

Blister plaster protect feet from rubbing and protecting the blister from further friction,provide instant pain relief, keep the wound closed and fast healing.


1,Hydrocolloid material, is soft and elastic and comfortable.

2,customized as body part,free movement

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GMP Cleanroom

Medical Wound Dressing, the most important basic is clean produce workshop.

chinmed spend 1,000,000 dollar to build 5000M100,000 class GMP cleanroom workshop to protect the produce enviroment clean.

QC Check In Full Process

From Raw Material start, we arrange QC and QA to track every step and process.

QA will test material each lot, QC will check the product each process.



All sizes and shapes can be produced based on customer’s demands.

**you can check the existing specification detail in right sheet.→→→→→→→→→→

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