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What Is Hydrocolloid Dressing?


Hydrocolloid is a material contain gel-form agents,such as carboxymethylcellulose(CMC) and gelatin.

It is applied to wound management, support wound bed a moist environment,accelerate wound healing process.


1,CMC in Hydrocolloid convert in gel when in contact with wound exudates.

2,Elastic,comfortable,free movement,suitable to any body parts.

3,PU film surface,better for observe wound healing process and reduce risk of roll up and bunching.

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GMP Cleanroom

The most important foundation of our hydrocolloid dressing is the clean agricultural workshop.

chinmed spend 1,000,000 dollar to build 5000M100,000 class GMP cleanroom workshop to protect the produce enviroment clean.

QC Check In Full Process

From Raw Material start, we arrange QC and QA to track every step and process.

QA will test material each lot, QC will check the product each process.

Advantages and disadvantages


• Bacteria and other pollutants are impermeable
• Self-adhesive and prone to mold
• Can be used under intravenous compression products
• Easy to use
• Minimal disruption to healing


• Not recommended for wounds with large amounts of exudate, sinus tract or infection
• Must be used with caution on the feet of diabetics.
• May be difficult to evaluate if hydrocolloid dressing are opaque
• If the wound produces a lot of exudate,May fall offCursed or rolled edges
• After removal, dressing residue may stick to the wound bed and may have an odor
• May cause maceration around the wound
• May cause skin fragility / trauma / injury after removal • May cause excessive granulation

When to use?

Hydrocolloid dressings are suitable for the following situations:
• Uninfected wounds with little to moderate drainage
• Necrosis or granular wounds
• dry wound
• Partial or full-thickness wound
• Protect intact skin or newly healed wounds.


Application of hydrocolloid dressing:

Venous ulcers,I-II bedsore,Superficial and minor burn wounds,Post-op wound management,Donor Skin sites,Superficial trauma and cosmetology and plastic surgery wound management,Granulation and epothelialization of chronic wound care.

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