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What Is Silicone Dressing?


Silicone dressing is mainly made up of medical grade silicone and widely used for management of hypertrophic and keloid scars.


1,washable and reusable,more than 15 times.

2,pain-free and easy removal

3,Good adhension, and easy to observe the scar situation.

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GMP Cleanroom

Medical Wound Dressing, the most important basic is clean produce workshop.

chinmed spend 1,000,000 dollar to build 5000M100,000 class GMP cleanroom workshop to protect the produce enviroment clean.

QC Check In Full Process

From Raw Material start, we arrange QC and QA to track every step and process.

QA will test material each lot, QC will check the product each process.


Intended Use:

1,Scars caused by surgery : such as caesarean section, minimal invasive surgery

2,Scars caused by trauma: such as puncture,knife wound

3,Scars caused by burns

4,keloids and hypertrophic scars


1,Open the package and take out silicone dressing

2,Cut to a suitable shape and size to fit into the scar and up 2cm of normal skin around the scar

3,Apply the dressing onto scar

4,Flatten the dressing and gently press the dressing to fix well

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