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What Is Steristrips?


Steristrips can be used to close small wounds, generically known as butterfly stitches. They are applied across the laceration in a manner which pulls the skin on either side of the wound together.


Steri strips are made of non woven,rayon backed material reinforced with filaments for strength coated with hypoallergenic adhesive.Effectively prevent and reduce the scar proliferate.

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GMP Cleanroom

  1. Steri strips without main air duct and dedicated air-conditioned room, reducing investment
  2. The air conditioner cools quickly and saves significant energy.
  3. Simple operation and convenient maintenance

QC Check In Full Process

  1. Job description of quality inspection department
  2. QA supervisor workflow
  3. Raw and auxiliary materials quality inspection process
  4. Ensure product quality and quantity are completed


How to use?

1,Make sure the skin is clean and dry around the wound,

2,Using some wound clean gel, coat the area around the wound (not the wound itself) ,

3,Using Steri strips to hold the wound, don’t too tight.



Steri strips

Order NumberSizePackage
CM011301 3×75 mm

(1/8 inch x 3 inch)

5 strips/pouch,

50 pouches/box,10 boxes/Ctn

CM011302 6×38 mm

(1/4 inch x 3/2 inch)

6 strips/pouch,

50 pouches/box, 10 boxes/Ctn

CM011303 6×75 mm

(1/4 inch x 3 inch)

3 strips/pouch,

50 pouches/box, 10 boxes/Ctn

CM011304 6×100 cm

(1/4 inch x 4 inch)

10 strips/pouch,

50 pouches/box, 10 boxes/Ctn

CM011305 12×100 cm

(1/2 inch x 4 inch)

6 strips/pouch,

50 pouches/box, 10 boxes/Ctn

If you need different size steri strips from above sheet,

please send us a inquiry, we will supply solution for you.

we promise to reply you in 24hours

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