Project Description

Non woven gauze roll

Materials50g/sqm spunlanced non woven fabric
Adhesive27-30g/sqm acrylic adhesive coating 
Applicationas a retentive dressing cover or underwrap,tube fixation

Features of  Non woven gauze roll

  • Hemostasis-It can close the wound, help the body to coagulate first, and then heal the wound.
  • Absorbing debris-debris (such as external contaminants and necrotic tissue) needs to be cleaned, and gauze absorbs all these debris.
  • Gauze analgesics-that relieve pain help clean the wound and reduce the burning sensation of the wound.
  • Prevent infection-gauze prevents external contamination, thus protecting the wound from any form of infection.

what is non woven gauze roll used for

  • If the wound is a basic wound, applying gauze dressing is very simple. If the injury is serious and the wound is deep, you must rush to the nearest hospital.
  • Before using gauze, the wound must be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant. Please wash your hands first and make sure that all items used are sterile to ensure that there are no infections.
  • If the wound needs simple coverage, slowly press the gauze on the wound and wrap it with medical tape.
  • If you need to wrap the wound, please continue to use light hands to continue and wrap the wound with gauze. Do not block the wound because the wound needs to breathe.
  • Depending on the released exudate, the gauze must be changed several times a day.


ProductsOrder No.SizePackage
Non woven gauze rollCM011015cmx10m1 roll/box,64 boxes/ctn
CM0110210cmx10m1 roll/box,64 boxes/ctn
CM0110315cmx10m1 roll/box,40 boxes/ctn

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